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GST 101 This training course is designed to provide attendees with an understanding of  the key concepts of GST and how this new  the key concepts of GST and how this new tax works. It also covers an overview of how GST is to be implemented in Malaysia and  the related impact. The desired outcome of this course is for attendees to attain a working knowledge of GST as well as an understanding of the impact that GST might  have on their business.


This course is highly recommended but not limited to directors, business owners, decision makers, accountants and financial officers.


Participants do not need any basic knowledge of GST but will be beneficial if have attended GST awareness session.


This course includes explanations, updates and examples of the application of the basic elements of GST in the business.

GST 101 这项培训课程提供参加者对GST的关键概念 的理解以及如何运营新的GST,也包括GST在马来西 亚是如何执行 和带来的影响。本课程希望带给参加 者了解GST的运作,以及理解GST对他们的业务造成 的影响。


我们强力推荐这个课程,但不仅限于理事,企业经 营,官员,会计和财务人员。


参与者不需要具有GST的基本知识,但如果曾参加 过GST类似课程会有更大的帮助。


这个课程包括解释,更新质询,商品及GST的基本 要素应用例子。

English Session Date: 21 December 2014 (Sunday)
English Session Time: 9am to 4pm

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中文课程日期: 20 December 2014 (星期六)
中文课程时间: 上午9 至下午4



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